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Trainbow, a B-BBEE Level 2 contributor, is a professional and credible provider of skills development, training, hr and recruitment services to medium and large sized corporations.

We are a symbol of hope and a promise of better times ahead. We restore pride in the workplace by administering holistic, customised, and sustainable solutions that improve our clients bottom line enabling them to derive return on investment, compliance to legislative requirements and save valuable time during audits and year-end reporting.

Our aim is to assist our clients identify and address skills shortages and ultimately derive a return on investment by reducing training and development costs through applying well thought out workplace skills plans, EE policies and B-BBEE scorecards.








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We are passionate about helping and equipping people with skills and in turn inducing positive behaviour. We want to invest our time and know-how in your business and teams.

We provide training either at the comfort of your premises or at an external venue. We can also adapt our solutions to facilitate training virtually.

We treat skills development and training components as a holistic framework that must be applied for continuous improvement, improved bottom line, and sustainability of an organisation.

Clients benefit from our multidisciplinary and extensive experience in the areas of skills development, training, human resources, and recruitment.

We view each project as a portal of opportunity, allowing the teams and individuals we engage with to become equipped with the necessary confidence, knowledge, and skills to improve their outputs!

Our transparent and process-driven approach ensures compliance to legislation, while staying abreast of skills development initiatives within clients’ organisations.


Inspiring excellence.

Transforming lives.

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